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Security labels provide an anti-tamper seal for electrical energy meters, standard reference meters, and all instruments used for measuring electrical quantities. All of our security labels give a clear visual evidence of tampering or illegal entrance leaving residue on the affixed surface. Our labels are highly customizable and they include: Security text, unique numbering with barcode according to the result and service applied, data of the device, logo, hologram strips, customizable sticking adessive text (void text).


Security seals are manufactured using the high security materials composed by two elements:

  • Seal outside structure (Stator)
  • Inner part (Rotor)

Seals have the initials of the company and 8 digit unique serial number with digits and barcodes.

Technical Specifications
The seal is made of high quality components, stator material made is of Polycarbonate and rotor material made of Acetal. Any illegal attempt to unlawfully interfere with the internal mechanism is visible due to transparent color of the seal. 4 digits corresponding to the last 4 digits of the seal serial number and a triangular (▼) mark, painted in black are laser stamped to the rotor, which serve to assist the analysis related to the identification of whether the seal has been tampered after the last service. Security Seal’s Temperature Resistance range is -40°C to +130°C.

The plastic seals are used on electrical energy meters, individual boxes, metering panels to prevent / protect energy meters from tampering.

Durability and Environment
The seals are suitable for outdoor and indoor application and durable up to 20 years.

Wire for Seals

The sealing wire for security seals is Steel wire which is presented in two types: twisted or twisted and plastic wrapped according to the degree 304. This Wire is widely used for sealing security seals due to high physical properties like corrosion resistance. Steel wire for sealing seals has a very good tensile strength and has resistance to high temperatures.

  • Twisted steel wire for security seals has a central steel wire which has a larger diameter 0.3mm to which a smaller diameter steel wire 0.13mm is twisted. The total diameter of the wire is 0.66mm. The wire has a tensile strength over 150 (N / mm²).
  • Twisted and plastic wrapped steel wire for security seals has 7 strands of steel wire which have a diameter 0.13mm, are twisted and plastic wrapped. The total diameter of the wire is 0.66mm. The wire has a tensile strength over 300 (N / mm²).

Both wires have a temperature resistance range of -200 °C to +300 °C.